About Me

I’ll get around to making this better, but for now:

The name is Erin. I’m in my early 30s, married to my best friend, and I’m following him around the country as he completes the process of becoming a professor. What do I do? I write things that are technical and somewhat complicated, and I’m about to start graduate school to learn how to do it even better.

I just moved in August 2014 to New York, the latest stop on my husband’s path to a career. In early 2015, after becoming a victim of layoffs at the company I’d worked at for over 6 years, I began a short period of unemployment before happily applying to graduate programs that had been put on my mental back burner as I focused on my career. My dream school accepted me, and in January 2016, almost a year I lost my job, I’m set to start down the path toward a master’s degree.

This site was started to share recipes that I create, modify, or love (with attribution, of course!). It’s also a way to chronicle the foods I eat as I work my way down to a reasonable weight. Since the beginning of my process (starting in May 2013), I’ve lost 70 pounds, and I’m looking to lose…well, a lot more. I gained 30 pounds back after unemployment sent me into a bit of a tailspin, but my health is very important to me, as carrying so much excess weight is not healthy (as “helpful” people like to point out constantly), and I have back problems that have been worsened as a result. It’s time to get back on the wagon.

While I can definitely fit behind the wheel of a car, the pressure on my lower back causes pain to go down my legs, and I have documented weaknesses in both legs since sometime in 2011, weaknesses unrelated to my weight but attributed to a severe illness suffered back around 2006. I can’t hold my foot in a position to press on the gas or brake if it’s a distance longer than, say, an uninterrupted mile at highway speeds. So the heat is on to get the pressure off of my body, hoping that I can regain some of my independence along the way. While I’m stronger and healthier than I used to be, it still remains to be seen what nerve damage has become permanent.

Weight loss will always be a struggle, with my back issues and a couple of other chronic conditions, but this is the first time I’ve been able to make changes that have lasted for more than a couple of months. Fingers crossed.

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