This is currently just today’s plan (I’ve only eaten lunch and my afternoon snack); I’m currently looking for another light snack or two that will put me above 1100 calories for the day, so I’ll edit this later to include that information.


20 fl oz unsweetened flax milk
1 scoop vanilla meal replacement powder
1 scoop chocolate meal replacement powder
2 tablespoons chocolate PB2

Total calories: 216

Afternoon snack

1 Empire apple

Total calories: 80


1 serving zucchini lasagna*
1 slice whole wheat bread

Total calories: 388


1 serving spiced peach and strawberry crisp, modified**
1 serving low-fat vanilla ice cream

Total calories: 260

Daily calorie total


* Zucchini lasagna made with 1 cup textured vegetable protein prepared with vegetable broth and fat-free ricotta cheese
** Crisp modified from peach crisp recipe, found in Weight Watchers’ What to Cook Now cookbook, using 48 oz peaches, 12 oz strawberries, 1/2 sugar and 1/2 erythritol, and rolled wheat flakes

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