Because I’m running on little sleep, and because I’m kicking my diet back into high gear, foods are a bit simplistic today.


1 medium Macoun apple (80 calories)


20 oz unsweetened flax milk (63 calories)
1 packet Kellogg’s Breakfast to Go breakfast shake powder, chocolate flavor (130 calories)
2 tablespoons chocolate PB2 powder (45 calories)

Afternoon snack

1 slice whole wheat bread (69 calories)
1 medium heirloom tomato (22 calories)
2.5 oz albacore tuna packed in water (75 calories)


1 serving whole-wheat gnocchi skillet with chicken sausage and grape tomatoes (391 calories)


2 servings chocolate peanut butter bars* (282 calories)

Daily total

1157 calories

* Peanut butter bars were modified to make use of erythritol in place of the white sugar and Smart Balance spread in place of the butter

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