As of posting time, I’ve eaten through my afternoon snack; if dinner or dessert changes, I will update the post.


Nothing – slept in, oops (0 calories)


20 oz unsweetened flax milk (63 calories)
2 scoops chocolate meal replacement powder (130 calories)
2 tablespoons PB2 (45 calories)

Afternoon snack

1 slice whole wheat bread (69 calories)
1 medium heirloom tomato (22 calories)
2.5 oz albacore tuna packed in water (75 calories)


1 serving zucchini lasagna* (318 calories)
1 slice whole wheat bread, toasted (69 calories)


1 serving pumpkin spice latte chocolate pudding cake** (231 calories)

Total daily calories

1022 calories

* Zucchini lasagna made with 1 cup textured vegetable protein prepared with vegetable broth and fat-free ricotta cheese
** Pudding cake made with reduced sugar and rolled wheat flakes

Today’s log doesn’t seem like much, but sleeping in put me far enough back that I didn’t have a chance for breakfast, which means I missed my morning workout, too. I’m actually not hungry at the moment, which is nice.

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