About Wednesday of this week was the point that I realized how much I was struggling to get my calorie ingestion to a reasonably higher level. While I wasn’t entirely hungry after dinner, I added a bowl of ramen to get my calorie count to a more reasonable level.

I think the big problem this week had something to do with us running out of flax milk halfway through the week. Thankfully, this week, I shouldn’t have as difficult a time reaching a calorie count that is low enough to continue losing weight, but is high enough that it’ll be sustainable.


1 slice tomato and spinach frittata

Total calories: 190

Afternoon snack

1 Empire apple

Total calories: 80


1 serving chicken tetrazzini
1 bowl spicy chicken ramen

Total calories: 330 + 380 = 710


1 serving peach strawberry cobbler
1 serving low-fat vanilla ice cream

Total calories: 260

Daily total calories


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